Ibeo’s reference systems offer you a complete solution for validation of your prototypes. The system consists of LiDAR sensors for environmental detection and online data recording, together with software applications for the creation of ground truth data.

It enables you to evaluate your DuT (Device under Test) systems and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) / HAD (Highly Automated Driving) algorithms.

object classification 
Efficient data capture 
Consistent lane detection 
Ground truth 
(reference) data 


LiDAR Fusion System
1-6 ibeo LUX LiDAR sensors

The ibeo LUX LiDAR sensor fitted at bumper level, records the area around the sensor with a field of view of 110 degrees.

Ibeo ECU Embedded mit Fusion Software

The electronic control unit (ECU) used in the ibeo.Reference sensor system runs with an Ibeo-specific operating system with which the LiDAR data can be backed up and processed.

Lane Tracker

With an angle of 190 degrees, the Lane Tracker is fitted to the back to detect traffic lanes.


An inertia measurement unit (IMU) can be installed to provide more precise ego movement data.


ibeo EVS - Evaluation Suite + Expansion Modules

Software framework for post-processing of the collected ibeo.Reference data.

ILV Reference

Visualization of dynamic and static object data while driving and display of other system information.

ibeo C++ SDK 6

Software development kit for the design of customized applications.

Ego Motion

Software development kit for the design of customized applications.

Onboard Monitoring 

Compact version of ILV HAD for the usage in the vehicle.
Realtime visualization of data and sensor configuration for the use in the vehicle.

Expansion Module: Feature Fusion

Optional expansion module 
for real-time object detection in the vehicle.

Ibeo Reference Recording Suite

ECU software to record sensor data in the vehicle.

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