Welcome to Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH

Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH is the market leader for LIDAR sensor technology in the automotive industry, that has the competence and passion for developing applications in the field of mapping and localization, Highly Automated Driving (HAD) and reference systems. With its state of the art laser scanners and software applications, Ibeo does not only aim to create additional driving comfort for the passengers in the vehicle, but it also improves road safety by assisting the drivers with the detection of the road environment and with active safety systems to protect not only the drivers themselves but all other traffic participants from traffic accidents.

Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH is in the process of establishing an Autonomous Driving Competence Center (AD-CC). In this business area, Ibeo will combine the knowledge of its several areas of expertise to bring autonomous driving to a higher level. The AD-CC will function as the company’s department for serial production. Currently, the engineers within the AD-CC are working on a 3-D LIDAR sensor based on solid state technology. The solid state sensors will be more compact and thus make a better vehicle integration possible. A second project is the fusion of various sensor technologies for even more sophisticated environmental perception.