With the ibeo Mapping Suite and localization package, you can create an HD map of the environment and locate the ego vehicle very precisely on that map. This provides a solution for some of your essential requirements for automated driving. In addition, you can use this map as a reference for evaluation of your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and L3+ autonomous driving functions.

Fast and flexible 

ibeo.MaL offers a solution for creating any map required.

Stable positioning 

ibeo.Mapping & Localizpreciation offers you a level of precision that goes far beyond GPS. 


The ibeo Mapping Suite is compatible with and expands the ibeo.HAD and ibeo.Reference functions.

Complete tool chain 

Ibeo offers the entire tool chain from environment detection by the sensor through to database-supported map creation.


LiDAR Fusion System
1-6 ibeo LUX LiDAR sensors

The ibeo LUX LiDAR sensor fitted at bumper level, records the area around the sensor with a field of view of 110°.

Ibeo ECU Embedded mit Fusion Software

 Ibeo-spezifisches Betriebssystem, mit dem die LiDAR-Daten gesichert und verarbeitet werden können.

Lane Tracker

With an angle of 190°, the Lane Tracker is fitted to the back to detect traffic lanes.


An inertia measurement unit (IMU) can be installed to provide more precise ego movement data.


Mapping Suite 

Creating a HD map of the environment.


Visualization of dynamic and static object data while driving and display of other system information.

ibeo C++ SDK

Software development kit for the design of customized applications.

Expansion Module: 
Localization Package 

Highly precise localization of the ego vehicle in the map.

Expansion Modul: 
ibeo Feature Fusion

Optional expansion module 
for real-time object detection. 

Ibeo Reference Recording Suite

ECU software for recording sensor data in the vehicle.

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