Sensors4Rail - equipping a train of the Hamburg S-Bahn with ibeoNEXT sensors.

Ibeo is an official cooperation partner in Deutsche Bahn's "Sensors4Rail" project, which started in December 2019. The pilot project, which is part of the "Digital Rail Germany" program, aims to increase the capacity, reliability, and efficiency of Germany’s railway system. To achieve this, the trains have been equipped with cameras, RADAR, digital HD maps, (satellite) positioning technologies, and Ibeo's real-solid-state LiDAR sensor ibeoNEXT. This combination of technologies allows trains to detect markings on the track, estimate distances with centimeter accuracy, and supports the train’s crew. Other well-known companies such as Bosch, Siemens and Here Technologies are also among the cooperation partners and contribute to lead rail transportation into a digital future. On this page, we will share regular updates on the project status. For more information on the vision and goals of the "Sensors4Rail" project, see our December 2020 press release.

All cooperation partners at a glance:

Further information on the Sensors4Rail project can be found on the Digitale Schiene page and on the Deutschen Bahn website.


März 2021 – Praxistest #2

Nachdem die Daten des ersten Praxistests ausgewertet und das System weiter optimiert wurde, folgte im März die zweite Runde. Erneut fuhr die Hamburger S-Bahn quer durch die Stadt und sammelte dabei Daten. Ibeo war mit einem eigenen Kamerateam vor Ort und hat den Ingenieuren und DB Mitarbeitern bei der Messung über die Schulter geblickt. Das daraus entstandene Video können Sie sich schon bald auf dieser Seite ansehen.

March 2021 - Field test #2

After the data from the first field test had been evaluated and the system further optimized, the second round followed in March. Once again, the Hamburg S-Bahn traveled across the city, collecting data as it went. Ibeo was on site with its own camera team and looked over the engineers' and DB employees' shoulders as they took measurements. Soon you will be able to watch the video on this page.

January 2021 - Field test #1

DB provided a Hamburg S-Bahn of the 472 series for the field test. For the first time, the system was integrated and calibrated in a real train. Besides the sensors and systems of the cooperation partners, the train was equipped with twelve ibeoNEXT sensors! After completion of the calibration, the S-Bahn ran between stations Hamburg Altona and Aumühle (route of lines S2/S21) for several days and collected valuable data.

August 2020 - Integration and first test runs: 

As part of initial tests, the finished LiDAR system was installed on a carrier moved by a diesel locomotive. During the dynamic test runs, various data were collected which are valuable for further development.

December 2019 - Signing contracts

Ibeo becomes an official cooperation partner in the "Sensors4Rail" project. The task is to provide DB with ibeoNext sensors and develop corresponding perception functions that integrate well into the architecture of an S-Bahn train

October 2019 - Kickoff! 

DB presents its idea to Ibeo. As part of a pilot project, a train will be equipped with high-tech sensor technology, (satellite) positioning technologies and powerful computers to localize itself in real time and perceive its surroundings. Highly accurate positioning information enables more distinct traffic control and, together with other digital rail operation technologies, shorter distances between trains. Thus, train network’s capacity is increased. Furthermore, information from environment recognition can be used as an assistance to support train drivers in their work. Various sensors and integrated HD maps will be used to localize the train, measure distances, and detect potential obstacles. The goal of Digital Rail Germany: Bringing performance of the rail system to a new level.

Impressions of the Sensors4Rail project

Bereit für erste Testfahrten: Ein Technikträger mit installiertem LiDAR System.
Kalibrierung des Systems: Mit verschiedenen Landmarkern wurden die Wahrnehmungsfähigkeiten der Sensoren geprüft.

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