The ibeo.Reference Suite is your enabler for ground truth data generation. It offers automatically generated high quality reference data which you can use to evaluate and improve the performance of your ADAS/ AD sensors and their AD functions. Ibeo.Reference Suite can also be used in the development to test various algorithmic approaches, compare parameters, and evaluate the effect of each modification on performance throughout the development period.

Being a holistic solution for all your validation and assessment needs within ADAS context, ibeo.Reference Suite provides everything from a single source: The Recording System consists of hardware and software components for online tracking and data recording. These recorded data can then be post-processed with the ibeo Validation Bundle. This bundle contains the automatic labeling software ibeo Auto Annotation as well as a software package including visualization and editing tools, and an interface to integrate the ibeo.Reference Suite into yours. In short: Ibeo.Reference simplifies your validation process significantly by offering you a fast, reliable, and cost-effective toolchain containing everything you need.

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Sensor validation
Simulation scenarios
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Recording System

For tracking and recording of data, Ibeo offers a modular system comprised of several hardware and software products. This set up is customizable to specific driving scenarios or use cases and allows for the integration of selected third-party lidar sensors to increase the scope of application. The data recorded with the system can later be processed with the offline validation tools to classify and track objects for example.


Ibeo’s recording system enables the integration of different lidar sensors, and has been designed to work exclusively with third-party hardware as well. Common sensor setups include the following lidars for different use cases:

  • ibeo LUX for object detection
  • SICK LMS for lane detection
  • selected third-party lidars as alternatives for either lane or object detection*

*Please contact us via to see whether your third-party lidar is already supported today.

Ibeo offers a new ECU including updated hardware specifications and the next generation operating system “ibeoOS NG”. It is pre-installed by Ibeo and has a new and intuitive graphical user interface, which allows for easy handling and configuration. This includes an online monitor displaying the status of all system components during recording, a package overview page as well as logging and configuration of these packages.

Time synchronization seems like a minor issue, but when it comes to highly precise Autonomous Driving and ADAS evaluation projects, microseconds do make a difference. ibeo SyncBox Pro ensures the synchronization of all components while supporting many different connection and protocol types. It acts as a compound or hub between the system time zones and can sync itself and other systems to a given time. If no external time master is given, it can also act as a master itself. 

Not only milliseconds but also precise data of so called “ego motion” is vital for reliable reference data. Therefore, Ibeo offers the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) GPS Xsens as part of the Recording System. It supports the position sensing of the vehicle by collecting GPS data, acceleration information, and yaw rate to improve object detection rates during test drives. 

The ibeo ECU REF Software Bundle includes all components necessary to record high quality raw data for subsequent offline validation. This covers the interfaces for the ibeo LUX & SICK LMS sensors and the vehicle CAN as well as the online tracking algorithm for online object detection and classification, which provide instant preliminary results of the current recording.

ibeo Validation Bundle

The two-part ibeo Validation Bundle enables you to generate Ground Truth data. ibeo Auto Annotation software automatically carries out the post-processing of the recorded data. This annotated data can then be handled further with the ibeo REF Software Package. It features applications for the visualization and editing of data as well as a Software Development Kit (SDK), thus including everything you need.

ibeo Auto Annotation

ibeo Auto Annotation is a software solution for automatic post-processing of recorded data, which detects, classifies, and tracks objects. Furthermore, it recognizes lane markings and road boundaries on highways as well as specific scenarios, such as cut-ins or passing another vehicle. It also features the ability to process data from selected third-party lidar sensors, if compiled with Ibeo’s recording system. Its cloud compatible architecture provides full scalability to customers. Objects and lanes are saved in .idc and .xodr data formats, respectively, further increasing the tool’s user-friendliness.

This package includes applications to handle the recorded data and provides tools to generate Ground Truth data manually:

  • Visualization: Offers visualization software package for online and offline visualization of raw and processed sensor data. It can be used to play, record and evaluate data, and also includes an assistant to display the sensor connection.
  • Smart Object Editor: Provides a quick and intuitive way to increase the reference data quality by correcting labels or label missing objects. The process is algorithm-based and only requires the correction of a small set of frames, with the remaining frames being filled in automatically by the software. This feature allows you to create and delete objects, change their position, orientation, direction and size as well as extend object tracks, merge overlapping objects and display their trajectories.
  • Lane & Scenario Editor: Enables manual editing of the lane marking map and driving scenarios, such as passing cars, lane changes, and vehicles cutting into one’s lane
  • Software Development Kit: The kit provides a set of demos and functions to integrate the ibeo.Reference Suite into other tools and process chains.

Advantages of the Validation Suite 

Fast evaluation of data

  • Capable of processing multiple recordings at once
  • Scalable thanks to cloud-compatible architecture
  • Easy and smart retrospective labeling of data
  • Offers an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) 
  • Easy integration into your toolchain 

High quality

  • Ensures precise time synchronization of all devices due to independent digital clock ibeo SyncBox Pro 
  • Supports data of selected third-party lidar sensors
  • Allows for manual editing of objects, lanes, and scenarios
  • Enables access to raw point cloud data

Fully automated

  • Fully automated validation solution from a single source
  • Fully automated object detection, classification, and tracking 
  • Fully automated lane marking and road boundary detection on highways 
  • Fully automated scenario detection 


What is ibeo.Reference? 

Ibeo.Reference is your enabler for ground truth data generation and as such, it is a holistic solution for all your validation and assessment needs within ADAS context. The ibeo.Reference Suite offers everything from a single source: The Recording System consists of hardware and software components for online tracking and data recording. This recorded data can then be post-processed with the ibeo Validation Bundle. This bundle contains the automatic labeling software ibeo Auto Annotation as well as a software package including visualization and editing tools, and an interface to integrate the ibeo.Reference Suite into yours. In short: ibeo.Reference simplifies your validation process significantly.

Based on the market feedback about our previous validation solution and our experiences, we have built our new ibeo.Reference Suite to satisfy customer needs even more. The main features are: 

  1. The new automatic labeling software ibeo Auto Annotation comes along with a whole new architecture that is cloud-compatible to provide you with unlimited scalability. By providing a Docker image, the software also runs in a cloud.
  2. Our new lane data type is .xodr. This is an open source data format for map data and as such provides more flexibility to you as it enables you to import the output right into your existing toolchain.
  3. We offer a new visualization software as well as editors to make data screening and labeling more intuitive.
  4. Our new automatic labeling software ibeo Auto Annotation can label selected third-party lidar data.

Being a solution provider, we do not only offer single tools. Instead, ibeo.Reference is a holistic solution which can be divided into two steps that build on each other, analogues to your validation projects:

Step 1: Online Tracking and Recording - Recording System
The Recording System includes both hardware and software components. The hardware components are lidars, next generation Fusion ECU, Ibeo SyncBox Pro and an IMU / GPS. The ibeo ECU REF Software Bundle contains all software necessary to record data.

Step 2: Offline Validation - ibeo Validation Bundle
The ibeo Validation Bundle contains all tools to process, visualize, and edit the data.

Ibeo SyncBox Pro is a time management device that synchronizes all systems in the car to a single source of truth. It is able to function as leader clock or follower clock for each connected component or protocol to ensure data time quality of all systems in the car at all times. It supports all common time protocols (PPS & NMEA, gPTP/PTP, NTP, CAN) and can be configured to the use case accordingly. Ibeo SyncBox Pro also monitors synchronization statuses for various interfaces.

Yes, if you have data that has been recorded with our Recording System in its release version 2017 respectively 2019, you can process the data with ibeo Auto Annotation to create objects and lanes.

The ibeo Validation Bundle enables you to generate Ground Truth data out of your recorded raw scan data. Its main component is the ibeo Auto Annotation software, which automatically tracks objects and lanes.

Additionally, it includes the ibeo REF Software Package, containing the visualization and editing software necessary to review or edit your post-processed data. This is the last essential step to generate Ground Truth data. It also provides you with the Software Development Kit to quickly implement our toolchain into yours. 

The idea behind ibeo Auto Annotation is to "boost" your creation of validation data by using algorithms to detect objects and lanes. It features:

  • Automatic object detection, classification, and tracking
  • Automatic lane marking and road boundary detection on highways
  • Automatic scenario detection such as cut-ins or passing another vehicle
  • Cloud-compatible architecture due to Docker image
  • Intuitive graphical user interface

The Ibeo volume-based license is a non-perpetual license that applies to ibeo Auto Annotation software.

This license contains a specific amount of credits, i.e. volume that you can use during the term. The amount of credits depends on your selected Hours Package, which you should choose depending on the total length of your recorded raw scan data that you plan to post-process with ibeo Auto Annotation.

Your advantages are:

  • Maximum cost predictability due to different Hours Packages to choose from
  • Maximum accuracy due to per-second booking/ deduction
  • Maximum scalability due to cloud-compatible architecture and possibility of simultaneous use on different instances (cloud, virtual machine, PC)

Although we try to make our products as adaptable as possible, we are aware that our customers might have special requests or use cases. Our team of engineers is always keen to provide you with the best possible solution. If you have a request, feel free to contact us via, and we will find a solution.

The field of view and range of the system are dependent on your requirements, and we are happy to identify the sensor setup that meets your purpose. 

Our standard setup consists of 6 ibeo LUX sensors, covers 360° and detects cars and trucks in a distance up to 150 m.

The new ibeo.Reference Suite is now also open to selected third-party lidar data. Therefore, you are not limited to the use of Ibeo lidar sensors anymore, which further increases setup flexibility.

The system tracks and classifies objects such as

  • Pedestrians
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Lanes and lane markings
  • Unknown big and small objects

The hardware specifications of your machine determine the maximum file size and, therefore, trip length. Since lidar data contain a lot of information, ibeo.Reference requires up to 32GB of RAM for 4 hours of trip data.

You can divide each trip into several smaller trips for a processing. This way there is no theoretical limit. 

ILV2 (ibeo Laser View 2) is the successor of ILV Reference (ibeo Laser View Reference). The tool can be used for visualization of scan point, object, and lane data. In comparison to ILV Reference, it provides the additional feature to edit lane and scenario information in the post-processed data. ILV Reference on the other hand is capable of editing objects and is used for the commissioning of the system.

If you have any questions about ibeo.Reference, you can always contact us through our support and sales channel. For this purpose please contact

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