The basis for automated driving

Ibeo’s proprietary perception software enables a multitude of automated driving functions for Level 2+ SAE and beyond by processing raw sensor data and classifying objects surrounding the vehicle, such as passenger cars and trucks, pedestrians, lane markings, road signs and boundaries as well as determining free space in the environment. To enable efficient processes and improve the functionality’s performance, the driving function needs to be provided with a simplified representation of the environment, which is too complex in its entirety.​

This processed data provides OEMs with essential information for automated driving functions like:

  • Traffic Jam Pilot​
  • Automated Lane Change​
  • Adaptive Cruise Control​
  • Automatic Emergency Braking​
  • Lane Departure Warning​
  • Blind Spot Monitoring 

Experience & Customization

Why choose Ibeo Perception Software?

With more than 20 years of experience in the development of perception software, Ibeo is able to offer a highly advanced product customizable to the customer’s exact use case. The modular feature concept allows customers to scale their software package exactly to their needs. Furthermore, Ibeo’s perception software is not limited to Ibeo lidar sensors but can be implemented with every lidar system on the market thanks to the vast experience on the abstraction of lidar modalities for every supplier. With a wide variety of integration options, Ibeo’s perception software also runs on a host of different hardware setups, further manifesting its unparalleled flexibility.​

Hybrid Perception Architecture – The best of two worlds

Ibeo follows a hybrid approach in the development of perception algorithms to reap the benefits of both the traditional manual development process and an AI-based Machine Learning approach for our customers. This two-pronged method allows Ibeo to be more flexible in handling many different situations during the development process, limit dependency on expensive hardware setups and test datasets and adapt our approach perfectly to any development challenge.

Online Sensor Calibration

Automatic calibration for peak perception performance

Ibeo Perception Software offers Online Calibration to align the lidar sensors’ fields of view with one another to increase overall perception performance. It calculates the exact mounting position and orientation of each lidar sensor dynamically while driving, incorporating yaw and pitch angles as well as height information to achieve a target orientation accuracy of plus or minus 0.1°.​

This feature simplifies sensor integration into the vehicle and ensures a constant peak performance level of the perception software to deliver the highest data quality throughout the entire sensor lifetime.

Object Detection

High-precision object detection and tracking

Ibeo Perception software has been developed to enable highly accurate detection and tracking of dynamic and static objects as well as small obstacles.

  • Accurate state estimation
    • Longitudinal position error < 0.2m
    • Lateral position error < 0.3°
    • Critical FP/FN: < 0.02 per hour
  • Small obstacle detection range
    (50% reflectivity, 0.2m side length): > 100m

From the point cloud data, the ground is detected apart from other clusters which resemble an object. Boxes are formed around these clusters to estimate an object’s size and simplify its subsequent tracking. This process is carried out for every of the system’s lidar sensors and their data is fused to create an accurate representation of the sensor’s surroundings.

Lane Marking & Road Boundary Detection

Precise detection of lane markings for maximized driving comfort

Ibeo Perception software offers long range lane marking detection to allow for higher driving comfort and faster speeds for automated driving functions

With its range of up to 70 meters at a lateral accuracy of 10 cm, Ibeo Perception software enables driving functions to make driving decisions earlier, thus allowing for smoother maneuvers and more comfort for the vehicle’s passengers.

Enabling automated driving in absence of lane markings

Even in the absence of lane markings, Ibeo Perception software can provide necessary data through road boundary detection to enable lateral steering. With a range of up to 75 meters at a lateral accuracy of 15 cm, it is able to identify objects such as guard rails, concrete barriers, walls or reflector posts to provide fallback information for missing lane markings.

Both lane marking and road boundary detection provide crucial information for many Level 2 and 3 driving functions such as Lane Keeping Assists, Blind Spot Alerts as well as Traffic Jam or Highway Pilots

Free Space Detection

Ibeo Perception Software is able to provide customers with highly reliable information on free space around the vehicle. By continuously connecting all points within a point cloud, the software is able to mark an area which is free of objects and can therefore be deemed ‘Free Space’. This is done in a resource-preserving way compared to traditional ray tracing methods to limit the amount of hardware resources needed to provided this information.

Perception Services

  • Integration of binary Software on customer HW
  • Executable or libraries possible
  • Integrated SW include ibeo middleware
  • Current support HW Platforms:
  • Prototype x86 HW
  • TI based embedded TDA4
  • Nvidia AGX Orin
  • Requirement engineering and system architecture
  • Simulation of mounting positions FOV
  • Requirement Feasibility analysis
  • Performance evaluation and KPI/Test Reports
  • Concept design and implementation
  • Source code modules can be shipped with copyrights
  • Integration guidelines/requirements
  • Integration Support
  • Source Code Architecture Support
  • Algorithm development
  • Algorithm optimization for hardware accelerators (DSP, GPU)
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