Fields of Application

Industrial solutions 
Space research 
Commercial vehicles 
Greater efficiency in mining 

In both underground and open cast mining, huge losses can be incurred through raw materials that are transported for several hours over a wide range of track surfaces. If a vehicle leaves the track or has a breakdown because of unseen obstacles, the loss is significant. With the aid of our products, these risks can be reduced considerably and efficient work processes can be ensured.

Ideal for navigating and docking ships  

Many ships are already equipped with technologies that allow them to operate autonomously on the open sea. But other technologies are required in the port area, on waterways and in locks. We work with our products in these areas to give captains dependable support for safe manoeuvring.

High efficiency and precision in agriculture 

Precision agriculture is now an important area of agrobusiness. Sections of agricultural land that are cultivated twice cost time. We tackle this problem area: our products provide support with positioning in the field down to the centimetre and offer route planning to help create clean starting edges and detect obstacles.

Your solution in the area of logistics 

The economy is operating at an ever faster pace. Warehousing and logistics are therefore gaining in importance for companies. We make highly efficient processes possible through our technology. We support in the area of warehousing and logistics to make processes run more quickly and safely, in some cases even making processes fully automatic. 

Why not explore space, too? 

Space is becoming increasingly important for obtaining resources. Along with reliable navigation, the collection of meaningful data is particularly relevant. With our IbeoNEXT 4D Solid-State Lidar sensor, we can provide assistance not only for safe landings, but also when it comes to recording important environmental data. Thanks to its solid-state technology, the IbeoNEXT is considered to be a low-maintenance and particularly robust solution, and is therefor a reliable partner for your mission.

Innovative and extra-light 

Security is an important issue in both private and industrial areas. With our 4D Lidar technology, we get results that are comparable in terms of quality to conventional camera images. Unlike cameras, however, our 4D Lidar technology delivers reliable images at all times, even in the dark and bad weather conditions. We are your reliable partner when it comes to monitoring buildings!

IbeoNEXT in space
ibeoNEXT Solid-State Sensor

About our Lidar products

Technical details

Very high resolution (e.g. 0.05 deg)
Long range (e.g. 250 m)
Large FOV (e.g. 60x30 deg)
Output: 3D point cloud, intensity image & (prospectively) perception 
Small size and small weight
Serial product (readiness for serial production status today: 70%-90%)
Eye-safe Laser class 1
Low energy consumption
ADAS and AD (fromL2+ toL5)
Frame rate: 25 Hz
Absolutely no moving parts

The solid-state technology means: NO moving parts in the sensor.



With its compact and light design, the ibeoNEXT sensor can be integrated easily into the vehicle.



The use of various optics with the same electronics opens up a wide range of applications.



Over 20 years of experience in the development of Lidar technology for automotive applications

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