Ibeo has developed a completely new, industry-wide 4D sensor system. In particular, the modular design of the ibeoNEXT is unique on the LiDAR market: depending on the application, 11.2 degree, 32 degree, 60 degree or 120 degree lenses can be selected. By using several sensors and fusing the data in a software package running on the ECU, 360-degree detection of the environment around the vehicle can be achieved. The ibeoNEXT Generic 4D Solid State LiDAR can be used for automotive applications from traffic jam assistants through to autonomous driving. There are also many possible applications in the industrial sector.

The production site in Brest, France was set up in collaboration with partner ZF Autocruise. This has already resulted in a very high degree of readiness for serial production (70% - 90%).

The ibeoNEXT is a solid state LiDAR sensor which has no moving parts at all and uses a pure semi-conductor solution instead. The absence of mechanical components makes the solid state sensor more robust and therefore reliable over a longer period. Because of its compact design and light weight, it can also be integrated easily into a multitude of vehicle platforms and any design. The sensor generates a 3D point cloud and an intensity image that is similar to the photo taken by a black-and-white camera – this is the fourth dimension. The solid state technology of the ibeoNEXT Solid State LiDAR also impresses with its wide range of 260 metres and high spatial resolution of 0.05 degrees. 

Use case

Possible setup for an automated shuttle.

This system includes ibeoNEXT Generic modules in combination with centralized processing unit (LDE) for:

  • Low level (rawdata) sensor fusion
  • 3D object tracking
  • Object classification
  • Static environment representation
  • Intensity image (4th dimension)





The solid state technology means: NO moving parts in the sensor.


With its compact and light design, the ibeoNEXT sensor can be integrated easily into the vehicle.


The use of various optics with the same electronics opens up a wide range of applications.


Over 20 years of experience in the development of LiDAR technology for automotive applications

Technical details 

Very high resolution (e.g. 0.05 deg)
Long range (e.g. 260 m)
Large FOV (e.g. 60x30 deg)
Output: 3D point cloud, intensity image & (prospectively) perception 
Small size and small weight
Serial product (readiness for serial production status today: 70%-90%)
Eye-safe Laser class 1
Low energy consumption
ADAS and AD (fromL2+ toL5)
Frame rate: 25 Hz
Absolutely no moving parts

Areas of application 


Similar products

ibeoNEXT Corner 

The modular design of the ibeoNEXT 4D Solid State LiDAR makes it possible to equip the sensor with two lenses. The ibeoNEXT combines a 11.2 degree lens and a 60 degree lens in one casing.

ibeo LUX

The ibeo LUX sensor represents over 20 years of expertise in vehicle environment detection. The small LiDAR sensor, which can easily be made ready for market, can be combined with Ibeo software for object classification and tracking and is also used for validation purposes.

Ibeo LUX 8L
innovative, extra-light series product 
  • Range: 50 m @ 10% remission
  • FOV (HxV): 110° x 6.4°
  • Horizontal angle resolution: up to 0.25°
  • Vertical angle resolution: 0.8°
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 164.5 x 93.2 x 88 mm
  • Weight: 998.7 g
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