Lidar sensors: NEXT and LUX

Our company currently offers two types of sensors: the trusted ibeo LUX and the innovative ibeoNEXT Solid-State Lidar, which can display objects in 4D. Both sensors are known for their precision, reliability and an outstanding price-performance ratio. In combination with our Ibeo software products, the smart lidar scanners are future-ready solutions - not just for the field of autonomous driving, but for many other areas too.


With the newly developed ibeoNEXT solid-state lidar, our company is expanding its leading position in the field of lidar system technology. With its impressive detection range, high resolution and large vertical angle, the development of a 4D lidar sensor represents a major milestone on the way to fully autonomous driving.

ibeo LUX

The ibeo LUX sensor is the culmination of over 20 years of expertise in automotive environmental perception with lidar sensors. The small lightweight and market-ready lidar sensor can be combined with Ibeo Perception software for optimal object detection, classification and tracking, and is also suitable for validation purposes.

Ibeo´s Solutions

Lidar is a sophisticated technology for measuring distances and velocities and is similar to radar. The "lidar" abbreviation stands for light detection and ranging or light imaging, detection and ranging. Unlike radar, lidar technology does not use radio waves but laser beams to scan objects in high detail. This means that the lidar systems manufactured by our company can be used in many different areas.

Our extensive product portfolio has been designed to fulfil the needs of the automotive industry, among others, where lidar plays a central role in the development of autonomous vehicles and automated driving. Our lidar technology also offers a number of advanced solutions for logistics, agriculture and other industries. For validation of ground truth data, Lidar is essential in digital transformation.

Are you interested in finding out more about the many ways that lidar can assist you? We are happy to help you find the right solution for your application. Contact us now!

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