LiDAR specialist Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH is cooperating with the largest Chinese HD map manufacturer NavInfo and with LiangDao Intelligence 

10.10.2019 – The Hamburg-based LiDAR sensor specialist Ibeo Automotive Systems is entering into a cooperation agreement with China’s largest digital map manufacturer and telematics provider NavInfo. The collaboration offers high-precision vehicle localisation for Ibeo and continuously updated HD maps for NavInfo. Ibeo – one of the leading technology providers for LiDAR sensors in the automotive sector worldwide – ensures reliable detection of obstacles and people with its latest measurement technology and sensors so that autonomous vehicles can respond quickly. The latest Ibeo development is a solid state LiDAR with a 4D environmental image. LiangDao Intelligence Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. is taking care of the reliability of the overall system. The company will be handling the system integration and providing the test and validation service for vehicles in China.

Image source: Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH  

If a vehicle is to navigate autonomously without human involvement, it needs two things above all: good measurement technology, such as LiDAR sensors or cameras, and high-resolution road maps (HD maps). In this way, a driverless car in conjunction with sensors can locate itself precisely on the maps and therefore in the environment. Thanks to the cooperation between the map manufacturer NavInfo and Ibeo Automotive, updating of the map material will take place faster in future: Ibeo LiDAR sensors compare the map material from NavInfo with the real environment and feed changes back to the map manufacturer in real time. The maps are therefore continually updated very precisely.

HD maps are currently in a crucial development phase. This is placing high demands on their production and service. As the leading HD map service provider in China, NavInfo is concentrating on HD map products that are suitable for mass production. The company uses several recording methods for this, together with real-time compilation and an automated publication platform. As a result, NavInfo can provide real-time HD maps with high reliability to ensure the safety of autonomous driving. The collaboration with Ibeo should accelerate the manufacture and verification of HD maps that are suitable for series production and ensure safe autonomous driving in future.

Patrick Cheng, CEO of NavInfo: “Together with its partners, NavInfo is expecting to play the part of a reliable infrastructure provider and developer in the era of autonomous driving with the high quality of its HD map projects, so that together we can provide safer solutions for industry and promote the development of autonomous driving.”

“Precise HD map material is indispensable for vehicles that drive themselves”, explains Dr. Ulrich Lages, CEO Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH. “With the cooperation between NavInfo, Ibeo Automotive and LiangDao, autonomous cars can locate themselves more precisely than ever. With the exact data, we can ensure greater safety for autonomous road traffic.”

ibeoNEXT 4-D delivers perfect maps
Ibeo has developed a completely new, industry-wide 4D sensor system. The sensor generates a 3D cloud of points and an intensity image that is similar to the photo taken by a black-and-white camera. Ibeo therefore refers to it as the fourth dimension. The solid state technology of the ibeoNEXT Solid State LiDAR also impresses with its wide range and high spatial resolution. This allows precise modelling of the environment: in addition to the direction the road takes, detailed information about the street furniture and traffic-related objects such as road signs and traffic lights is transmitted. Changes to the road are recorded more quickly and precisely in this way and sent to the map makers. The ongoing comparison (“matching”) of the real scanned environment and the existing HD map material results in a continuously updated data pool that benefits all users and is expanded by them at the same time. The Hamburg-based LiDAR specialist chose to enter into a partnership with NavInfo because autonomous driving is well advanced in China and promises large growth potential.

Test drives and validation by LiangDao
Before vehicle sensors are included in automotive series production, it is necessary to check extensively that the environmental data are being detected correctly by the sensor. This overall testing procedure, also referred to as validation, is being handled by the company LiangDao Intelligence, with which Ibeo has been collaborating since 2018 for the Chinese market.

LiangDao Intelligence CEO Dr. Xuemming Ju sees plenty of advantages in the collaboration. The company’s own test and validation technology with Ground Truth, automatic tool chains and big data mining is being used to its full capacity and helping to take the application of “LiDAR+ HD-Map” to readiness for series production.

About NavInfo
NavInfo was founded in 2002 and is a market leader in the areas of navigation maps, dynamic traffic information, navigation software development and the latest customised telematics solutions for cars and utility vehicles. NavInfo is now greeting the age of autonomous driving with a comprehensive technology development strategy and is laying the foundations for becoming the safest provider of autonomous driving solutions on the Chinese market and beyond.

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About LiangDao Intelligence
LiangDao Intelligence is an intelligent test and validation service provider which has set itself the goal of making autonomous driving ready for series production from level 3 to level 5 with technology based mainly on LiDAR and multi-sensor fusion. LiangDao Intelligence is a global company with its headquarters in Beijing, two R&D centres in Berlin and Munich, a business centre in Shanghai and an engineering workshop in Gu An.

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