Hamburg, Deutschland

Ibeo files for insolvency and holds talks with potential investors 
Self-administration proceedings have been granted

Hamburg, Deutschland

Lidar expert Ibeo Automotive Systems sends sensors into final validation phase

Hamburg, Deutschland

Mickael Leon appointed Director Industrialization & Manufacturing Strategy at lidar specialist Ibeo


Wiesbaden, Germany
30.11. - 01.12.2022

DVN Lidar Conference

Las Vegas, USA
05.01. - 08.01.2023

CES Las Vegas

Consumer Electronics Show

The Global Stage for Innovation



AirPortMover - Development of autonomous vehicles in the working environment of airports and aprons.


Ibeo cooperates with Australian vehicle manufacturer Applied EV to develop autonomous vehicles for logistics applications


Sensors4Rail - equipping a train of the Hamburg S-Bahn with ibeoNEXT sensors. 

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Webinar Series 1

Webinar Series 1
How We Solved the Solid-State Challenge 

In this webinar, we are introducing the automotive lidar design space which includes the different sensor concepts of companies working in the field. Furthermore, we are deriving Ibeo’s 4D solid-state lidar from the design space and sheds light on some of its key features. (As of 06/2020)

Webinar Series 1
Ground Truth in Minutes – Demonstration of a lidar-based Tool Chain 

We may be best known for our lidar sensors, but we also offer a powerful, automated tool chain that replaces the need for manual annotation in ADAS/AD validation. In this webinar, we will highlight why the Ibeo.Reference toolchain is also an excellent development tool for engineers working with any perception system. (As of 06/2020)

Webinar Series 1
Can we rely on Machine Learning? - Safety Aspects on Autonomous Driving 

Safety and reliability are the key ingredients for social acceptance of autonomous vehicles. This strongly required robustness is regulated in automotive applications by standards like the ISO 26262. Following these standards, we will highlight methods and tools for designing certifiable systems which ensure safe autonomous vehicles. (As of 06/2020)

Webinar Series 2

Webinar Series 2
The Superiority of Digital Automotive Lidar Sensors

Digital transformation is inevitable. We see the analog-to-digital revolution in every technical domain. In this webinar, Hanno Holzhüter provides insights into Ibeo’s digital automotive ibeoNEXT Lidar sensor, its new features, and why digital lidar are a necessity for the next big step towards autonomous driving.

Webinar Series 2
Key Technological Challenges on the Way to Deployable Autonomy

Martin Krähling and Stefan Imlauer focus on managing technological challenges to reduce the complexity of autonomous driving systems. They explore the impact on the capabilities as well as limitations of the system, how lidar contributes to overcome those limitations, and the ways that digital lidar pushes future capabilities.

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