Key features 

The Ibeo Autonomous Driving System (AD system) integrates various Ibeo solutions into one overall system. Many years of experience in the automotive industry form the basis for the development of the technologies of tomorrow. The development of complex driving functions for various applications provides Ibeo with new and in-depth insights into the requirements of high-precision sensor technologies and detection systems for driverless applications. Ibeo’s innovations thus become a viable and pioneering overall system.

Ibeo offers fully integrated AD systems – from heterogeneous sensor fusion, mapping and localisation, through to planning and control of vehicle dynamics, including all the essential redundancies.

All modules and sub-systems are designed in such a way that they can meet the complex requirements of urban traffic situations.

Ibeo’s AD technologies are the result of decades of research work and experience in the automotive sector and are currently being developed further for driverless applications and complete handling of driving tasks. Development in accordance with applicable automotive and safety standards is the focus here. Ibeo’s driverless system can be adapted to many applications and thus allows cost-effective implementation of new mobility concepts.

There are two priorities in the development of the AD systems: a modular design and easy adaptation to the widest possible range of applications. The systems can be combined with any other autonomous driving systems, components and software modules. The technology can therefore be used in a wide variety of vehicle platforms.

The components used meet the standards of the automotive industry and facilitate the cost-effective production and use of the system across the board. Sensors and detection systems from Ibeo have already been used in series production. Ibeo develops the concepts in collaboration with the testing and certification authorities. Through this cooperation, Ibeo is making an active contribution to new methods and definitions for safety standards in the area of autonomous driving.

Thanks to a broad partner network, Ibeo has access to all major technologies for autonomous driving. The Ibeo AD system carries out a central function in this network. In this way, Ibeo is actively shaping the mobility of tomorrow and driving the developments in this area forward in an important direction.

Use cases & applications 

People Mover  
  • Developed for use in mixed traffic on public roads
  • AD system can be used flexibly: for light vehicles such as small cars and large vehicle platforms such as buses
  • Integration into public traffic
Solutions for airport mobility
  • Transport of passengers, crew, and ground staff
  • Utility vehicles: cargo and catering transport
  • Passenger steps, gangways and more
Supporting AD functions
  • Support for waste disposal and delivery processes
  • Street cleaning, road inspection (e.g. detection of potholes)
  • Logistics, mining, agriculture
Implementation of safety mechanisms for AD systems  
  • Safety functions and redundant function blocks for ADAS and AD systems
  • Basis for comparison and evaluation concepts for AD system components
  • Advice on the design and safety concepts of autonomous driving systems
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