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Over 400 employees from 30 different countries work at Ibeo on developing sensors for driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions. With our LiDAR sensors and their high-precision object detection, we have already established a unique market position. Our shared vision is to equip every vehicle with our technology to make our roads a safer place for all road users.  

Among other things, we are currently working on developing a 4D solid state LiDAR sensor which, with no moving parts (solid state) and even higher performance, is setting a milestone on the path to fully automated driving. Various other products, such as our LUX sensor, Reference Suite and Mapping Suite, round off our portfolio. The company’s headquarters are in Hamburg.

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This is what Ibeo team members say 


Sensor Development

At Ibeo, we develop cutting-edge technology with experts who are competent and highly motivated. As an engineer, I enjoy working in a collaborative environment where teamwork is not just a buzz word. At the same time, I am given the space and freedom to demonstrate creativity and bring in my own ideas. At Ibeo, I feel that I can grow both professionally and personally.



Being part of such a rapidly growing company is what motivates me every day. There are so many projects and topics to which you can contribute and in which you can be sure that you are doing something important.


ART Perception ECU

At Ibeo, I don't have to be loud to be heard.

In the exchange in the ART teams, it doesn't matter what job title I have, what I've learned or whether I have a doctorate; all colleagues are listened to with their opinions, taken seriously and involved in joint solutions.


Customer Experience

Respectful collaboration with Ibeo teams and international sales partners, combined with varied work and innovative product solutions for an unsaturated market – for me, that’s Ibeo.


Verification & Validation

Ibeo makes it easy for me to achieve a balance between my career, my private life and my faith. Every Friday I take the opportunity provided by flexible working hours to go to the mosque and pray. My team members support me a great deal in this and avoid arranging meetings for me in this window of time.



Above all, it’s the friendly atmosphere that makes working at Ibeo so special for me: we are all experts in our fields and we work together every day on turning the company’s mission into reality – with passion, expertise and on an equal footing.

Our organization

In May 2019, we transferred Ibeo’s ambition to be the front runner from the technology field to the whole organization. We implemented a hierarchy-free self-organization. Decisions are now made where they are needed -  in the teams. Our goal is to make the organization of our work fit for the future and promote innovation.

Four reasons to apply

Our Mission

We want a future without any road accidents, with the car as the cooperative partner for those who can’t protect themselves – especially our children. With our cutting edge sensor technology and software applications, we are a highly innovative and a very reliable business partner for our customers.

Our Mindset

In addition to exciting tasks and a team-oriented organization we value a balanced work-life balance. A working time account, part-time offers, no core working hours as well as the possibility for mobile working helps to organize professional and private topics effectively. Whoever wants to spend their free time together can join various groups.

Our Team

Employees from over 30 different nations are working together on a vision: to make the streets a safe place for everyone. Together we take responsibility for our products and work day after day on exciting challenges. We have defined our values together. Here, everything revolves around community, innovation, responsibility, and reliability.

Our Future

In 2018 Ibeo celebrated it’s 20-years anniversary. In 2016, ZF Friedrichshafen AG acquired a 40 percent stake in Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH and has been a strong partner in the development of our 4-lidar-technology-based laser scanner ever since. In 2021, AAC Technologies Pte. Ltd. became a shareholder of Ibeo. As a series product the ibeoNEXT Lidar sensor will set a milestone on the road to autonomous driving.

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Webinar Series 1

Webinar Series 1
Wie wir die Solid-State-Herausforderung gelöst haben

In diesem Webinar stellen wir Ihnen den automotive LiDAR Design Space vor, welcher die verschiedenen Sensorkonzepte der in diesem Bereich tätigen Unternehmen umfasst. Darüber hinaus leiten wir den 4D Solid-State LiDAR von Ibeo aus dem design space ab und beleuchten einige seiner wichtigsten Eigenschaften. (Stand vom 06/2020)

Webinar Series 1
Ground Truth in wenigen Minuten - Demonstration einer LiDAR-basierten Toolchain

Wir sind am Besten für unsere LiDAR-Sensoren bekannt, aber Ibeo bietet auch eine leistungsstarke, automatisierte Toolchain, die eine manuelle Annotation bei der ADAS/AD-Validierung ersetzt. In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie, warum die Ibeo.Reference Toolchain auch ein hervorragendes Entwicklungswerkzeug für Ingenieure ist, die mit beliebigen Perception Systemen arbeiten.(Stand vom 06/2020)

Webinar Series 1
Können wir uns auf Machine Learning verlassen? - Sicherheitsaspekte beim autonomen Fahren

Sicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit sind die wichtigsten Eigenschaften für die gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz von autonomen Fahrzeugen. Diese stark geforderte Robustheit wird in automotive Anwendungen durch Normen wie die ISO 26262 geregelt. In Anlehnung an diese Normen zeigen wir Ihnen Methoden und Werkzeuge für den Entwurf zertifizierbarer Systeme auf, die sichere autonome Fahrzeuge gewährleisten. (Stand vom 06/2020)

Webinar Series 2

Webinar Series 2
Die Überlegenheit digitaler Automotive-LiDAR-Sensoren

Die digitale Transformation ist unausweichlich. Die Analog-Digital-Revolution ist in jedem technischen Bereich wiederzufinden. In diesem Webinar gibt Hanno Holzhüter Einblicke in unseren digitalen LiDAR Sensor ibeoNEXT sowie seine neuen Funktionen. Darüber hinaus wird beleuchtet, warum digitale LiDARs eine Notwendigkeit für den nächsten großen Schritt in Richtung autonomes Fahren sind.

Webinar Series 2
Technologische Schlüsselherausforderungen auf dem Weg zum einsatzfähigen autonomen Fahren

Martin Krähling und Stefan Imlauer befassen sich mit der Bewältigung technologischer Herausforderungen, um die Komplexität von autonomen Fahrsystemen zu reduzieren. Sie beleuchten die Auswirkungen auf die Fähigkeiten sowie die Grenzen des Systems, wie LiDAR dazu beiträgt, diese Grenzen zu überwinden und die Möglichkeiten, die LiDAR für zukünftige Fähigkeiten bietet.

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Ibeo selected in Germany’s top 100 most innovative companies for the third time

Ibeo convinced the jury of the TOP 100 innovation competition for medium-sized companies for a third time. Following on from 2019 and 2020, Ibeo scored again in the categories of management, innovation climate, processes and organization, external orientation and innovation success and was thus able to compete successfully in the corporate class with more than 200 employees. The official award ceremony will take place on June 24, 2022.

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