ibeoNEXT Solid-State Lidar Solution for Autonomous Driving

Ibeo has developed a completely new, industry-wide 4D lidar sensor system. The ibeoNEXT's modular design is unique to the lidar market and, depending on the application, offers a selection of 11.2 degree, 60 degree or 120 degree optics (32 degree optics currently being developed). 


Struggling with lidar sensor calibration before a test drive? 

Calibrate any lidar sensor, in any setup, anywhere with Ibeo.CaliGraph. Set up a laser with some simple targets and our automated calibration tool accomplishes the task quickly and easily. This lidar agnostic tool simplifies calibration and saves time. The extrinsic calibration is a prerequisite for all perception algorithms and serves as an adjustment check.


Ibeo takes important step towards SOP of ibeoNEXT solid-state lidar with successful winter test in Sweden

In March, a small group of our colleagues set out to Sweden with three test vehicles to undertake a test drive with the ibeoNEXT solid-state lidar in winter conditions, such as ice, snow, and dense-fog.


Smart City: Modern concepts & innovative technology for our future cities. 

Smart homes are already on everyone's lips, with many people using intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to control a wide range of different appliances and lighting in their household and thus improve their overall quality of life. However, the benefits of digitization and the IoT can be felt beyond the private sphere in the public sphere too. The concept of the smart city is becoming increasingly important in urban development. The following article answers the most important questions about Smart Cities.


The 5 stages of autonomous driving

Although the term "autonomous driving" is used so frequently, many people are not even aware of what is actually behind the designation. In this article, we highlight SAE's five levels of automated driving and show where we currently are on this scale.


Faces of Ibeo Episode #2 - Liangli Fei 

Faces of Ibeo goes into the second round. This month with a new face: Liangli Fei. She is a software developer at Ibeo and has some interesting stories to tell - read more here.


Five alternative lidar application areas! 

Lidar is indispensable for automated driving - but where else can the technology be used?


Pride Month Special: A Colorful Car Industry 

Cars are something for straight men? The stereotype is long gone, by now there are several car clubs that are specifically for queer people. We introduce you to a few of these clubs and show achievements that would not have been possible without diversity.


Faces of Ibeo Episode #1 – Anil Kumar 

In the first episode of Faces of Ibeo, you will get to know Anil Kumar. He is a software developer and SCRUM master at Ibeo. Furthermore, he helps colleagues with a migration background to get to know German culture and Ibeo.


Women in STEM – Julia Nitsch

To this day women are still underrepresented in STEM subjects. This article adressed one of the reasons for the complex issue. Furthermore, Julia Nitsch, one of Ibeos algorithm developers, will be introduced to you.


New, better - the ibeo.Reference Toolchain!

No, the toolchain didn't just get a simple update. Rather, Ibeo's customers can now expect a new, greatly improved comprehensive solution with new hardware and software. The hardware includes an improved ibeo ECU and the new ibeo SyncBox Pro, while the software is rounded off with the ibeo Validation Bundle. Find out exactly what that means here.


Embracing diversity and facilitate inclusion

Ibeo stands for interculturality and internationality. In this article, we will show you how diversity and economic success are related and introduce you to two projects through which Ibeo is helping its international employees to integrate themselves in German culture.


What the Lidar – what is this Lidar anyway?

Lidar became famous through a well-known smartphone manufacturer. But what does the lidar technology do, what is the difference to radar and what are the advantages over cameras? Why is it so important for autonomous driving? You find the answers here.


How sustainable are Ibeo’s Events?  

Climate change is ongoing. The events sector also contributes to this development because it is closely linked to the travel and hotel industries and, therefore, has a wide reach. In this post, Ibeo has analyzed how environmentally friendly events, in which we participated, are.


Ibeo Automotive Systems was present at the digital CES 2021

Event review: Ibeo was part of one of the largest technology trade shows in the world, CES 2021. This year, everything took place digitally. You can find out what such a virtual stand looks like in this article.

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